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A Monster Escapes by Lewis Wolfe


What if the people we love hide monsters they can't contain?

A Monster Escapes is a character driven horror story that explores all the shades of gray in life.

When a dark force strikes the small town of Brettville, there is only one woman to call.

Jane Elring knows what monsters look like. She stares them down on the regular, working as a paranormal investigator for the government. Her dark eyes find the deepest secrets; her unique mind comes up with plans others would never dare follow through.

When you're faced with an ancient evil that only wants to consume, there is no room for debate. Sometimes it takes a monster to beat one, and Jane Elring has been called much worse.

What others have to say:

A Monster Escapes is an incredible horror novel that will take its readers on a journey like no other from start to finish. - Aimee Ann from Red Headed Book Lovers

This was a straight up I'm-not-getting-anything-done-today-until-I-finish-this-book, page turning story about good vs. evil, a saga old as man itself. - Amazon Reviewer

Despite the supernatural elements and the fantastical nature of the premise, the author was able to ground the story in a very real way by weaving relevant issues like race, gender discrimination, and abuse into the plot. - The Book Review Directory

(Warning: Contains themes of sexuality and abuse)

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