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Blindsided by Erica Hilary


"Blindsided  is an emotional roller coaster. A worth-waiting-for love, the shocking truth, the terrifying fallout. Sizzling, dark, romantic, I couldn't lay it down."  TheReviewBoss,  ★★★★★
From veteran broadcaster Erica Hilary comes a cautionary tale of psychological manipulation featuring a popular lifestyle reporter that finally takes a chance on a man and may pay the ultimate price.
Still reeling from her parents' deaths and a bitter divorce, TV personality Reilly Anderson is struggling to maintain a thriving career while preparing for the loss of her college-bound daughter. A man was the last thing she needed. But that was before Richard Lynch literally crashed into her life.

After Reilly and the charismatic Brit are involved in a fender-bender, she can't resist the exhilarating romantic freefall. The enigmatic Rick is not who she thinks he is, though, and Reilly finds herself in a twisted maze of sordid secrets and devious lies. Can she rally and find a way out of her perilous new reality before her soulmate-turned-sociopath destroys her world.

On-air personality Erica Hilary has won countless fans over her 20-year career as a broadcaster, show host, and actress based out of Washington, DC. A riveting blend of a love story beset with hairpin twists and turns, inside-entertainment detail, and a glimpse into the mind of a narcissist, Blindsided will captivate you right to its chilling conclusion.

What readers are saying:

Much is said in the writing community about creating well-developed, strong, female protagonists. And many writers stop at that, thinking she will “carry” the plot. Erica Hilary does not fall into that trap. She writes Reilly into a believably flawed woman, and the frighteningly realistic plot will please the quality reader.

Reilly Anderson is preparing for that sensitive stage where her college bound daughter abandons the nest, which often disorients a woman with the realization she is evolving from the mainly-a-mom into something else. Career-minded Reilly is ready to accept the challenge, turning her eyes to continuing to achieve professional goals. She doesn’t need a relationship, but one finds her.

Hilary excels at describing feelings. I seldom see such realistic angst in romance novels. I suspect, not knowing the author, that she may have experienced many of the deep vulnerabilities shared through Reilly. This is a superbly written novel that will hold your interest page after page.