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Blue Beaver by JB Heller


Llama's, Farmer's and Sweet Treats... Yes Please!

I'm Charlotte, I'm a fashion blogger with Endometriosis. But I refuse to let my life revolve around my endless battle with the demon that possesses my girly bits. I learnt a long time ago how to live a fulfilling life around my disease.

It would just be my luck to find an awesome man when I’m in no condition to do anything about it. Not that I thought I would ever in a million years be attracted to a flannel-clad, llama farmer. I’m a city girl through and through. Me, flannel and llamas do not mesh.

But the guy is basically perfect. He’s tall, built like a greek god and kisses me like he was born to do it.

Too bad he’s currently sharing his bed with Satan’s Mistress—I mean—Delilah, his baby rescue llama. And she hates my guts.

Books in the Awkward Series
Pink Bits
Blue Beaver
Silver Bush

**Please note the Awkward series is written by an Australian Author, in Australian english. As such you may assume there are some spelling error within, however it's just how we spell things down under. xox
**For lovers of all things romantic comedy. If you're a fan of Julia Kent, Pippa Grant, Lili Valente and Emma Hart, you will adore JB's Awkward girls.

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