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Survive The Fall by Julia Bright


5 Star review - This is my first book by Julia Bright and i have to say that she is phenomenal, her writing draws you into the story with the fantastic storyline and the amazing characters.

She has no military training or fighting experience, but that doesn’t matter to Kelsey. Her drive to even the score drops her in the middle of danger. Her mission is set, her mind made up, but she won’t last if she doesn’t act soon.

Flashbacks take Adam out of the Army, but he isn’t done with vengeance. The sexy siren who twisted him up his first night in Wyoming needs his help on her mission, but will he be enough in the face of danger?

Adam was only supposed to be one night of mindless sex to help her forget, but he’s the man she’d taking overseas to protect her during the most dangerous act of her life. If she fails, nothing else will matter.

Get twisted up in this romantic suspense from Julia Bright.

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