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The Irishman by Elisa Leigh


Gareth Whelan is pissed he's in the states while his brother and friends are celebrating Saint Patrick's Day without him. For years,
that was their holiday, the one that they always spent together. Now he's in America on business and they're taunting him from across the pond. Gareth decides to grab a pint in a quiet Irish pub, hoping that a Guinness will make him feel less homesick. No one prepared him for how he'd feel when he met the woman he wasn't looking for.

Caitlin Shepherd works as a bartender in her uncle's pub. She doesn't know what she wants out of life, and ever since her parents and sister died, she hasn't felt whole. That is until a brooding man with a strong Irish accent walks in and sits at her bar with a look that
fills her with promises she didn't know she needed.

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