Genres : Long Novel - 320-650 Pages

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Rites of Passage by Douglas Robinson

Date: 08/14/2023
Thomas, exposed once to Majken's blood during her fight with John to save his life, is becoming vampyric. Soon the symptoms are so bad he is unable to deny he is changing. As his naïve...
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Echo from a Bayou by J Luke Bennecke

Date: 08/08/2023
NEW RELEASE! MURDER, TREASURE, AND A SUPERNATURAL TWIST COLLIDE IN THIS HIGH CONCEPT SUSPENSE THRILLER Approaching middle age with an overwhelming sense of disappointment is not what John Bastian envisioned for himself. Hoping to shake...

Origin by William Bahl

Date: 07/28/2023
Carly navigates the sadistic machinations of her sociopathic captor while decay and turmoil tear away the last vestiges of civility. Colonel Sebridge relies on his hybrid pet Ramirez to sow unease amongst the small group...
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Date: 07/26/2023
An exotic destination. A wild forbidden fantasy. Years ago, I had the most passionate night with an untamed war hero. He'd COMPLETELY flip if he learns I'm his best friend's daughter... And I've been hiding...
Date: 07/22/2023
Indulge in 200+ raved-about 5-star reads with this must-have THREE FULL LENGTH NOVEL contemporary romance box set. These arrogant billionaires will make your heart swoon. Stay up all night and get hooked on their happily...
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The Yawning Gap by C.V. Vobh

Date: 07/20/2023
Invisible boundaries have isolated Cor's village for centuries. He accidentally finds a way out. What he finds outside is a violent and blighted world in decline. He learns that the entire world has been fragmented...
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The Turnaround by Robert S. Curry

Date: 07/12/2023
“ABC Computer Distributors”—a Pennsylvania-based company—was heading for bankruptcy due to poor leadership, causing substantial operating losses. In The Turnaround, Robert Curry accounts the actual events of this successful turnaround, describing the profit-improvement process he used...
Date: 07/11/2023
In this space exploration planet story, Photojournalist Hershel Henry witnesses the loss by self-torching of tribal women. The Madquii and Gora tribes have laid siege to the city of Urbyd, and Brianna Miller must seek...
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Her Independence Day by K.C. Crowne

Date: 06/28/2023
Four untamed Marines. One girl on the serious rebound. Who said sparks only fly on the Fourth of July? Life hasn't been easy... So I move in with my older brother temporarily while he’s away...
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SEALed with a Kiss by Kai Lesy

Date: 06/27/2023
WANTED: Three Scorching Hot SEALs seeking ONE special lady to satisfy our UNIQUE lifestyle. As I gawk at the photo of three ripped GQ models in my inbox, I wonder whether I should kiss my...