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Date: 03/31/2023
Do you worry about losing your independence as you get older? Are you concerned about falls or injuries that could limit your mobility? You're not alone…If you're like most seniors, you're familiar with health concerns,...
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When Two Worlds Collide by Joan B Pritchard

Date: 03/31/2023
These stories will grab your attention until the end of each tale. The characters may be different, but at some point, their lives cross into a parallel world.The twists and turns of fate guide the reader...
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Date: 03/29/2023
Have you ever felt devalued, shamed, or invalidated by someone you thought you could trust?It could be your partner. A parent. Someone you work with and see every day, like a coworker or even your...
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Date: 03/26/2023
Are you feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or disconnected from your true potential? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to come up with creative ideas or feeling like you're not reaching your full potential?If so, it's time...
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Date: 03/24/2023
The Augmented Edition of The Stone Thieves is a #1 Amazon bestseller.With a new cover and a wonderful foreword by Academy Award Nominated Screenwriter, Terri Tatchell - this edition is packed full of amazing concept art...
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Date: 03/18/2023
Before End Game, people live their everyday lives, doing simple things and being human.Cowboy isn't like most people. As an elite hitman, his days are anything but routine. His work takes him all around the...
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Falling Empires by James Rosone

Date: 03/15/2023
In back rooms around the world……powerful people gather.Will they decide the next U.S. election?From the first page, the intrigue unfurls into a web of strategy, ideology, and tactics which will be played out on a...
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Date: 03/11/2023
Set against the fascinating background of modern-day Tel Aviv with its melting pot of diverse cultures and extremes, Farewell My Babylon is an engrossing, fast-paced PI thriller filled with unique, captivating characters and a mystery that will...
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Date: 02/28/2023
Three UFO buffs unexpectedly find themselves fighting off thugs in a strange contest.  Their intergalactic host is a gnome-shaped glitter lover of his own cowboy-cool—alien-modified.  His outer space fan base, lovers of cowboy attire and...
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Red Storm: Complete Series by James Rosone

Date: 02/27/2023
Deep in the Kremlin, a plan is hatched……to restore Russia’s place in the world.Will the Ukrainian army fold as they expect?A sleeping giant is awake, but it’s not the one the world expects. The first...