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It’s snowing outside, but inside, the heat between this grumpy billionaire and me is smoking HOT. We’re trapped in a blizzard with only each other for the holidays. He is such an entitled prick. A real-life grinch in the flesh. I hate him at first. But my eyes are glued to the chiseled hunk of a man. Watching his strong arms cut wood, build a fire, and become my protector changes everything. Now, there’s a fire raging in me and only he can calm my desires. He’s my brother’s best friend and totally off-limits. After mind-blowing nights of O’s, I want him even more. In the real world, we’re miles apart and live totally different lives. When the storm subsides, I don’t want to return to normal. His grinch heart is growing and my one Christmas wish is a future with him.
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