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Jax learned early on that it's a bad idea to mix business with pleasure. But he has to question his resolve when small-town spitfire Galen crashes into his world. A killer in the boardroom? Check! Beauty as well as brains? Check! Loves hole-in-the-wall restaurants, local markets, and greasy cheeseburgers? Where has she been all his life? Galen's entire life has been controlled by her overbearing father, who's tried to mold her into a carbon copy of himself. When she arrives in the sunny haven of Daytona Beach, Florida, the only thing on her mind is sealing the deal on an epic subcontract to help save their ailing company. She wasn't expecting to be dealing with a green-eyed powerhouse of a man whose kiss has her, literally, floating on top of the world. Free from her father's control, she begins to see how life could be with someone who accepts her just as she is, without demanding anything more. But just as Galen starts to dream about her future, her father arrives to spill all the secrets of her past that she hadn't had the strength to tell Jax. Worse, she's been lied to about the whole deal...and Jax was in on it. Will the truth rip Galen and Jax apart? Or can they battle through and find a way to a happy ever after?
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