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All you wanted to do is help people, but you realize there’s a lot more to running a business. Maybe you got a holistic certification, then an LLC, and then you tried to create some buzz to help people and make money, but only to find out later that your business is still trudging along on life support. If you’re like most holistic practitioners, you probably thought that your passion for helping people would equate to owning a profitable business. Sadly, it doesn’t. If you are a practitioner who has a service you want to provide to the public as a first-time local business owner, and you plan to have an office location, but you need instruction on how to turn your service into a business, follow the advice provided in this straightforward book. It will guide you on how to accomplish it. This book will help you: Set appropriate expectations before starting a business for the first time Address the internal challenges so that your inner critic doesn’t derail you Learn the scope of work required to become profitable and sustainable Map out the practical action plan needed to launch successfully and get butts in seats “I could not have written this book any better myself. There are golden nuggets all throughout. It has everything you need to understand the importance of creating a solid strategy, building relationships, understanding the competition, and pitfalls to avoid to stand out from the noise. Kyra and Todd will guide you on a path of understanding the steps to get those clients to walk into your door.” —Liz Dawn, CEO, Mishka Productions
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