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You love adventure, romance, and heart-pounding excitement that gets you turning the pages. What could be better than that? All of that x 8! in one boxed set! Join the Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters as they venture into the Wyoming wilderness and discover the love of lifetime in addition to the natural wonders of God’s creation all while encountering apex predators, both two-legged and four-legged. It’s a wild ride! Read all the books in Devoted Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters Complete Series by bestselling authors Brenda Clemmons and Katie Wyatt! Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters Book 1 Comfort Embrace Book 2 The Witness Book 3 Zach’s Dilemma Book 4 Yancey’s Luck Book 5 Seeking Faith Book 6 Tessa's Hope Book 7 To Love Again Book 8 The Hunted Read all the books by bestselling author Brenda Clemmons! Devoted In Montana A Sweet Western Romance Series Book 1 – Finding Love Book 2 – Cooking Up Love Book 3 – On Fire For Love Book 4 – Growing Love Book 5 – God’s Patient Love Book 6 – Selfless Love Book 7 – Faith and Love Book 8 – Dangerous Love Book 9 – Enduring Love Book 10 –Stone Love Book 11 – Inspired Love Book 12 – Forgiveness Love Surprise Valentine Love Story Romance Book 1 A Heart for Valentines Day Book 2 A Love for All Seasons Book 3 A Heart filled with Love Book 4 A Valentine Always Colorado Christmas White Pine Family Holiday Romance Series Book 1 Christmas Love Book 2 Christmas Cheer Book 3 Christmas Wonderful Counselor A Roseville Christmas Holiday Romance Series Book 1 Love Book 2 Family Book 3 Miracles Country Christmas Romance Complete Series Book 1. Home for Christmas Gift Book 2. Unexpected Gift Book 3. Sweet Gift Book 4. Diamond are a girls best gift Book 5. Surprise Gift Christmas Romance In Willow Springs Series Book 1: New Christmas Gift Bells Book 2: New Christmas Dreams Book 3: New Christmas Blessings Book 4: New Christmas Gift Snowy Mountain Series Book 1: Juliana’s Journey Book 2: Building Bailey’s Book 3: Patricia’s Patient Book 4: Hannah’s Handyman Book 5: Freeman’s Farm Book 6: Writing Romance Book 7: Wendy’s Wild Love Book 8: Jesse’s Jewel Book 9: Cassie’s Cause Vail Complete Series Book 1: Dresses, Dreams and Cowboy Boots Book 2: The Cowboy Pirate Book 3: The Pony’s Tail Ranch Book 4: Lizzy’s Freedom Book 5: True Investment Offer Book 6: Tasha’s Taste Book 7: Capturing Kirstin Book 8: Jennifer’s Journey Brenda Clemmons ’s Clean and Wholesome novelette Contemporary Western Romance series is enjoyable for all ages.
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