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Imagine what it would be like to pray for miracles and see them happen right in front of you …A lot has been said about miracles, but unfortunately, not much has been done to support the possibility, that is, until now … In Catch & Release God’s Supernatural, author Andrew Nkoyoyo proves that they still exist. As he shares true stories of miracles he’s experienced both personally and in ministry, he’ll take you by the hand to teach you how you too can operate in the same power. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or call, even if you’re a new believer with no prior experience in God’s supernatural, God has given you the keys to access heaven. So within these pages, Andrew will: • Show you how the power of God will make a shift in your life • Reveal the simple yet powerful kingdom keys, secrets, and methods needed to release the supernatural • Guide you step by step on how to apply each kingdom key in your life. Even before you finish reading this book, your confidence in God’s ability to use you will increase, and the wall of impossibilities will come tumbling down. Simply open the cover, start reading, and then get ready to catch and release the supernatural power of God!
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