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The house on Normandy Road is beautiful from the outside — but terrifying secrets lie within its walls. And when newcomers Tom and Amanda move in, they risk becoming its next victims… Can a paranormal activity buff avoid the wrath of the dead ones? A beautiful house of dark red brick and gothic style stands on Normandy Road. It has had many inhabitants over the years, and is about to gain some new tenants. However, the house has never truly been empty. There’s something there, and it has always been there. To some, the horrors that reside in Normandy Road are just myths, legends, and in the present day, there is nothing to be scared of. But there are some that have seen and felt their presence. Their sleep is ripped apart as the nightmarish entities that reside there manage to torment their day. Something lives in that house. It senses its time has come. A time of evil. Sometimes, they work on their own. Collectively, they are known as The Dead Ones, to others they are known as the Children of the Dark Light; and as improbable and implausible as it may seem; somehow, somewhere, you’ve met them before”�. #1 Amazon Bestselling Author for British Horror Fiction -- MATURE CONTENT 18+ Contains adult content. Story is a psychological mystery and suspense thriller with paranornal themes. Not to be read by minors / people under the age of 18. Contains sexual content, religious references and strong scenes of psychological terror that some readers may find disturbing. From John Hennessy, author of British Horror Fiction Scroll up and grab a copy today. ˃˃˃ What are the other books in the Haunted Minds psychological thriller / ghost story series? I: The Ghost of Normandy Road Everyone likes a good ghost story.... ...so read this award winning horror! The Ghost of Normandy Road (Award Winner (Silver) - Readers Favourite International Book Contest 2016 - YA Horror) : Haunted Minds: I is a ghost mystery thriller suspense for teens to adults from British Horror fiction author John Hennessy. Especially good for Halloween, it's a dark fairy tale that could be read at any time of year. Synopsis:- Three Legends. One True Horror. An old house stands on Normandy Road, uncared for and uninhabited for years, until one day, believing an urban legend that no-one dares to live there, a young boy decides to cross its threshold. Yet the house is far from empty - within its walls, a terrible evil has been disturbed. It will take one brave soul three of the longest nights of his life to unlock its secrets, but will he live to tell the tale? *** Although told as a work of fiction, this tale really is based on a true story. Part of the Haunted Minds series of books. A supernatural story and ghost thriller from the creator of the Dark Winter Trilogy and A Tale of Vampires Series II: Clara's Song Damaged lives. No-one they can trust. And a battle to stay sane.... ...all while there's a serial killer on the loose. *** III: The Girl Who Collected Butterflies The race is on to stop a killer. But how can she be stopped? Boys made fun of her. Girls tended to avoid her. Teachers didn’t understand her. Marissa Coton collected butterflies. For her Very Special Project, Marissa took some butterflies and placed a name under each one. To her classmates, the selection appeared to be random. No harm done. But when the children in Marissa’s book begin to die in mysterious circumstances, the evidence points to the mysterious girl with black eyes who wears a red bow in her hair....
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