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Are you a writer of horror stories? Do you ever feel that you need a little extra inspiration coming up with stories that will grab your readers' attentions? Chills, Thrills, and Kills 2021: Writing Prompts for Horror Writers may be just what you need. Inside this book, you will find 365 creative writing prompts created with horror writers in mind. Many of the prompts focus on fears, new settings, and new situations. The prompts within this book are broken down into ten different types: Phobia Prompts: These prompts put a name to the fear that is holding your future character back. Your job is to create a character and put them in a situation where they have to face that fear. Opening Lines: You are given one or two sentences to get your story going, and you write the rest. Random Word Prompts: You are given several words to use within a scene or short story. Situation Prompts: These prompts provide you with a vague situation. You come up with all the juicy details and write the story. Title Prompts: These prompts are just as they sound. You are given a title, and you get to write whatever that title inspires you to write. Random Item Prompts: These prompts give you four or five items that you are challenged to work into your story. Time and Place Prompts: These prompts provide you with the time and place of a scene, and you build from that. Three Random Settings Prompts: This prompt style supplies you with three settings that you use to write a story. Character Profiles: These prompts provide you with the framework of a character, and your task is to write their story. "What If" Prompts: "What if" prompts are just as the name states. You are given a "what if" statement, and you can either brainstorm ideas or write about the first thing that comes to mind. There are no “set in stone” instructions with these prompts. Use them any way you wish, in any order you wish. With 365 prompts to choose from, you are certain to find inspiration for the whole year.
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