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Discover the Deception tactics being used on you every day and how to Defeat them Do you want to protect your hard-earned money from theft? Do you want to stop companies from stealing your wealth? Do you want to protect your job? Do you want to defend yourself from emotional abuse? Do you want to prevent your time from being wasted? Welcome to the world of Dark Psychology and bear witness to the devastating weapon that is Psychological Manipulation. Every human being is subjected to manipulation. However, less than 1% of people manage to break free and enjoy their lives freely. It is that freedom and choice that helps them better their lives, gain happiness, and achieve fulfillment. But, it is becoming harder to get into that 1%. Every day, we common people find our wealth eroded, our time curtailed, and our liberty encroached. Gone are the days when the majority of crimes and abuses were committed with violence. Today, the Mind has replaced Muscle as the chief villain. Psychology has been melded with technological superpowers to forge a form of malicious Manipulation, the kind of which has never been seen before in human history. By choosing to educate yourself on these tactics and practices, you’re making the choice to think independently and critically about the information that you’re exposed to. In Dark Psychology Detected, here is a fraction of what you will uncover: Real-world examples of common manipulation tactics that show just how pervasive it is in your day-to-day life. How to combat the most common manipulation techniques by developing your sense of social awareness. The insidious influence of gaslighting on your perception of reality and what you can do to combat it. Six research-based principles of persuasion that appeal to even the most resistant people. The most frequently employed manipulation techniques in the realm of advertising. How Social Media manipulates its users based on our moods and engagement metrics. Research-based explanations for common social and persuasive phenomena. Learn about the Dark Triad and the most dangerous kind of dark personality there is. Discover the most powerful digital manipulation protocol driving the world. And… Get the Power to Confront them all. Acquire the Ability to Resist Manipulation. Own your Money, Enjoy your Time, Fulfill your Purpose, and Cherish your Freedom. Make your Life your Own. By combining the work of Nobel Laureates, tried-and-tested global industry expertise, and peer-reviewed scientific work of the 21st century from the most elite institutions including Harvard, Stanford, and Pew Research, this book is now the best aid you can have to finally begin countering the world-pervading, incontrovertible evil that is psychological manipulation. *And, get the splendid Treasure of 100 Billions life optimization manual for FREE. It also gives you tips from Invaluable Ancient Philosophical texts from Greece, Rome, Persia, India, China, and Japan. It then combines this wisdom with the most recent scientific data to give you a magnificent guide of over 100 Life Lessons. And if Even that were not enough, it also includes the most incredible Growth-Enhancing Affirmations that have been psychologically designed to boost your chances for productive success and flourishing fulfillment.* So Click the "Buy Now" button and begin your journey to the best life you can have!!!
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