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Violent gangsters want his hardware. Droid soldiers are after his blood. Can a son searching for his dad survive the fight of his life? London in the near future. Ciaran Richards refuses to accept his heroic father’s death. So to uncover the true fate of his dearly departed parent, the fifteen-year-old agrees to deliver his criminal brother a rare AI-powered gun. But Ciaran barely escapes with the prized hi-tech piece when the illegal pickup goes south, and he’s framed for murder. With the government’s intelligent weapon now fused to his hand and both cyborg black ops and mobsters hot on his heels, the embattled teen is desperate to unearth the truth. But when he ropes in his hacker ex-girlfriend to unlock the firearm’s gruesome secrets, he fears the grim reality of his father’s demise exposes an ugly and dangerous conspiracy. Can Ciaran outrun those who want him exterminated in time to save the innocent? Dead Weapons is an exhilarating standalone YA thriller. If you like cyberpunk tech, pulse-pounding action, and page-turning shootouts, then you’ll love Simon Paul Woodward’s mind-bending story. Buy Dead Weapons to blow a cover-up sky-high today!
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