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Unclutter your house... and build a home. The power is in your hands!Besieged by clutter? Feel that you’re losing the battle against disorder? Life-changing revelations await. It won’t be easy to set things straight, but thanks to Luigi Harbin’s series, you’ll have a perfect plan of action... and what better place to start than your hearth? It’s time to cleanse the grime!We’ve all been overwhelmed by clutter, but not everyone recognizes the impact that messes have on our psyche—and success! External problems wreak havoc within, and simply accepting this timeless fact is truly monumental.Decluttering your daily life is absolutely essential—yes—but how does one go about the task? You needn’t look any further.Inside you’ll learn:How to avoid being overwhelmed, control your feelings, and goal setThe secret to turning the method into a habit, ensuring consistencyThe RIGHT way to start decluttering both your home and office (painlessly), one step at a timeHundreds of fun, effective projects to free up spaceAND MUCH, MUCH MORE...Leading a busy life, it’s easy to let things go—to say, “I haven’t got time for this!” Yet, one who works hard without working smart is doomed to cyclic discontentment. That’s where this bookcomes in. If time is short, you CAN make more... by boosting productivity. Discover how today.
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