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Her Stolen Passenger by Daniel Norrish

An enthralling kidnap thriller about regret, desperation, and the power of a grieving mother. An immense and terrible fire erupts through the remote rainforest in Queensland, Australia. Wu can’t save both the infants in her care as the building around her collapses and destroys everything in the isolated clearing. She clings to the only boy in reach and flees from the inferno moments before an explosion ends the life of the second child. Wu weeps as she stares into the round face of a child with low-set ears and a thick neck; this boy has down syndrome, and he is not Wu’s son. Wu’s child has perished in the blaze, and there is nothing she can do for him. In a split-second decision, Wu puts her stolen passenger, Harrison, into a car and drives away from her son’s smouldering grave. She must escape because she knows that Harrison’s biological family will murder her and push Harrison into a life of crime as soon as he is old enough to carry a gun. The only way Wu and Harrison can be free and safe is for Wu to run for her life with Harrison’s soul and fate tightly woven with hers. Her Stolen Passenger is a story about murder, kidnapping, and the emotional battle of two women who want to use the purity of a child to escape their evil lives. However, it’s also an attempt to include more people with a disability in literature. In Australia, one in every five people is diagnosed with a disability. Wouldn’t it be cool if this number was more evenly represented in literature? Each of Daniel Norrish’s future releases will include at least one character with a believable disability.
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