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She owns a ranch and needs a pair of strong hands. He stumbles onto her porch broken, bleeding, and with no memory. What will she do with Her Unexpected Cowboy? Sydney leads a fulfilling life of hard ranch work. She has her animals, and she thought that was enough for her. Until she makes a crazy birthday wish which is answered with an unexpected cowboy. Jameson wakes up on the side of the road, battered and bruised, with no idea how he landed there. In fact, he can't remember anything...not even his name. When he shows up at Sydney's house and asks to stay the night in her barn, he has no idea of the trouble he brought with him. If they survive the mess he brought down upon them, will their hearts have a chance at finding love? Book One of the Unforgettable Cowboys, a clean and wholesome romance series with a touch of suspense.
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