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Share the joy of the holidays with friends and family this season with some sweet treats from around the world. The holidays will never taste so good! Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited In keeping with the spirit of sharing and giving this season, why not try something new and different this year with baking recipes from all over the world. In honor of the creativity, the diversity of flavors, and the human spirit all over the world during the holiday season, the recipes included in this book come for all corners of the planet and include: sweet breads, brioche, buns, cookies, custards, flans, pastries, cakes, puddings, rolls, and logs. Here are the recipes included in this cookbook: •Bobalky and Opekance - Sweet Dough Balls from Slovakia •Cozonac - Sweet Bread with Walnut Filling from Romania •Lussekatt - Saffron Sweet Bread from Sweden •Pandoro - Sweet Star-Shaped Brioche from Italy •Panettone -Christmas Dry Fruit Brioche from Italy •Pompe à l'huile - Sweet Bread with Olive Oil from France •Stollen - German Christmas Fruit-Bread •Alfajores - Sandwich Cookies from South America •Biscochitos - Mexican Spiced Christmas Cookies •Brunsli Cookies - Swiss Almond-Chocolate Spice Cookies •Elisenlebkuchen - Gingerbread and Almond Cookies from Germany •Classic Gingerbread Cookies - Europe and North America •Kahk - Date-filled Egyptian Cookies •Kozulya - Russian Christmas Biscuit •Vanillekipferl - Crescent Christmas Cookies from Austria •Lenguas de Gato - Delicate Butter Cookies from the Philippines •Mantecados - Spanish Christmas Crumble Cookies •Melomakarona - Greek Honey and Walnut Cookies •Pepparkakor - Sweedish Gingersnaps •Pfeffernüsse Cookies - Iced Gingerbread Cookies from Germany •Polvorones - Almond Crumble Cookies from Spain •Jan Hagel Cookies - Cinnamon-Almond Bars from the Netherlands •Sprinkle Cookies - Christmas Iced Butter Cookies from Italy •Truchas de Navidad - Christmas Trouts Cookies from the Canary Islands •Vaniljekranse - Butter Cookie Wreaths from Denmark •Zimtsterne - Cinnamon Star Shaped Cookies from Germany •Galette des Rois - Epiphany Tart from France •Joulutortut - Christmas Plum Pastries from Finland •Leche Flan - Caramel Custard from the Philippines •Classic English Mince Pies •Palmeras - /“Elephant Ears” from Venezuela •Qaghaq Taq I Ghasel - Honey Rings from Malta •Rugelach - Jam Filled Pastry from Eastern Europe •Allahabadi Cake - Rum Fruitcake from India •Baked Alaska – Ice Cream and Meringue Cake from America •Bebinca - Layered Spice Cake from India •Bibingka - Christmas Coconut-Rice Cake from the Philippines •Bolo Rei - Portuguese King’s Cake •Christmas Pudding - English Traditional Fruit Pudding •English Traditional Fruitcake •Kurisumasu Keki - Japanese Christmas Cake •Malva Pudding - Spongy Pudding with Apricot Jam from South Africa •Pan de Pascua - Spiced Fruitcake from Chile •Pavlova Wreath - Fruit and Cream in Meringue from New Zealand and Australia •American Old-Fashioned Persimmon Pudding •Rosca de Reyes - Three King’s Cake from Spain and Latin America •Rum Cake - Spiced Rum Fruitcake from Jamaica •Sachertorte - Chocolate Cake from Austria •Banketstaaf Almond-filled Pastry Roll from the Netherlands •Bûche De Noël - Yule Log from France and North America •Makowiec -Polish Poppy Seed Roll Each recipe includes an image, a list of ingredients, serving size, cooking and preparation times, nutrition information per serving, and detailed step-by-step instructions to prepare the recipe. Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App. Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an instant download!
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