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Busy? Overwhelmed? Just Take a Step. On the surface, walking with God seems so simple: read the Bible, listen to God, talk to Him, and do what He says. But it’s easy to get busy, distracted, and overwhelmed. You beat yourself up and then focus on what you don’t do. Just Take A Step points out what you can do. Each of the eight chapters of this devotional Bible study walk you through Lydia’s story in Acts 16 like this: • A Step into the Word: the scripture basis for the chapter • A Step into Understanding: a short narrative that explains the kind of step Lydia took • A Step of Truth: a summary of that step • A Step Deeper: additional questions for Bible study and discussion • A Step of Prayer: a prayer you can personalize • My Next Step: a place to note the next step God prompts you to take Lydia’s steps added up and led to a great movement of God. Your steps can, too. You can use Just Take a Step individually or with a group. It’s a Bible study guide you’ll return to over and over to cut through distraction and overwhelm to just take a step to walk with God … and see how He moves in your life.
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