Loving Lael by Hope Rosemond


There is a town of Robbin Grove where Lael lives with his family. It's a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. It was one of those towns where they celebrate for every occasion, whether someone got a promotion or got married. It's where the only things they have to worry about is a little harmless gossip. However, one day, that all changes when a new family moves in. Most of the town, if not everyone, is not too fond of this new family. But why? Is it just because they are new and the town isn't fond of changes, or is it something more? What influence does this new family have on this town? Is it a good influence or a bad influence? Will the new family cause the town to come together more, or will this family be the town's undoing? Will the whole town give into this family's influence, or will one rise above and be the example everyone needs?

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