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Unleash the power of manifestation meditation to attract the life you want, love, and deserve! Manifestation Meditation is about directing your creative energy to attract specific outcomes in your life. At the same time, Manifestation Meditation is a powerful tool to release your manifesting blocks and heal your past. By letting go of what longer serves you, you free up new energy you can channel into making your dreams a reality. Written with a firm intention to guide, inspire, and elevate, the Manifestation Meditation guide welcomes both those new to the Law of Attraction and seasoned manifestation practitioners. In this book, Conscious Manifestation & Modern Spirituality author, Elena G.Rivers, empowers you to help you create your unique manifesting rituals with meditation. It's time to bridge the gap between your earthly desires and quantum possibilities! It's time to discover a simple-to-follow and effective manifesting system you can tap into daily! Here's What You'll Discover Inside Manifestation Meditation: - insight, instructions, and meditations for limitless self-awareness and self-love to achieve your deepest desires (no matter how big or small) -how to unleash and tap into your authentic self, goals, and ambitions so that manifesting will always feel joyful, abundant, and fun -practical steps you can take today + 20 high-frequency guided, flexible meditations to make manifestation meditation your lifestyle (even if you're busy) -specific meditations for attracting money, love, abundance, creativity, flow, joy, and spiritual experiences – whatever your heart desires! -sacred post-meditation rituals and affirmations to amplify your meditations and make them work for you 24/7 (exactly how to embody your desires to manifest as fast as possible!) -secrets of becoming a vibrational match to your desires, just by making a few simple tweaks in your mindset and energy! Manifestation Meditation: -will enhance any manifestation methods or teachings you've been studying; -can be followed by people of different spiritual or religious backgrounds; -doesn't require any fancy equipment or manifesting/meditation experience; -is the fastest way to practice manifestation to get the results you want because it helps you become a vibrational match to your desires It's time to trust yourself and embrace this new, magical approach to manifesting with manifestation meditations! If you're ready to demystify manifestation and make manifesting your lifestyle, scroll up the page and order your copy of Manifestation Meditation today. You, too, can channel your limitless energy to create the life you've always wanted with Manifestation Meditation!
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