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Natural, Powerful Steps For Tackling IBS And Ulcerative Colitis Does the thought of long-term stomach pains, diarrhoea, constipation, heartburn, fear of foods causing bad reactions, and a ridiculously restrictive diet make you feel depressed and hopeless about the future? It doesn’t have to be that way. There are natural, powerful steps you can take to tackle IBS and ulcerative colitis. It is possible to take back control of your health naturally. This is no ordinary IBS book, and you won’t find another ulcerative colitis book sharing this type of natural health information either. Health and wellness journalist and author Marc McLean was first diagnosed with IBS in 2010 and later developed severe ulcerative colitis. This kickstarted a long, 10-year journey of going down a natural health path where he studied health, nutrition, countless gut healing books, and the workings of the body in-depth. He became obsessed with all things gut health, diet, and finding the natural health solutions that well-meaning doctors, consultants, and the smiley people who insert cameras up your rear couldn’t provide. Ultimately, his 10-year health recovery journey taught him that there are safe, natural healing methods out there…once you properly understand the root causes of your digestive system breakdown. In his new book, More Than A Gut Feeling: Natural And Simple Steps For Tackling IBS And Ulcerative Colitis, the author shares: A hidden root cause of virtually all digestive disorders which 99.9% of people don’t know about, and mainstream medicine barely acknowledges. Why your digestive dysfunction is actually your liver screaming for help (and what to do about it). Why a ‘change of identity’ is required to properly kickstart your health recovery journey. The necessity to detox your body – and why this can actually be an easy process. The superpowers of celery juice for addressing gut health issues. Several other key natural steps you can take to drastically reduce inflammation in the gut and colon. Real-life stories of other people who have successfully used these same natural steps to tackle IBS and ulcerative colitis. This book is not medical advice, it’s simply a vehicle for information where you can learn and apply the very best natural health knowledge that the author discovered through 10 years of extensive research and personal experience. Click above to order your copy today.
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