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How long a bird can fly without a land or tree to rest; How long a human can survive without his or her society at its best! A human cannot survive alone and he or she cannot survive as a small independent group. They need a bigger entity. But without bonding, no entity can last long. Country is that entity and patriotism is the binding force. There are several questions about the modern human and the human society. A simple human life has become so much complex even after thousands of years of civilizations. This requires introspection, reform, design, and action.Do you like democracy or you like to be ruled?When we talk about patriotism, we remember about the soldiers, freedom fighters, social reformers or singing patriotic songs and saluting the national flag. What is your definition of patriotism? Should a soldier die for the people who do not go for voting to elect their own representative to govern the country? Is patriotism necessary in the age of globalization?Who is the owner of a democratic country? In a kingdom, we say King is the supreme. But in democracy, is the prime minister or president replacing the position of King or Queen?Have you seen any child begging on a street? What do you think, a child will remain a child forever?What is your opinion about prisoners? Are the prisons correctional facilities or punishment chambers? Will a prisoner have a second life to rectify himself or, once a criminal, always a criminal?How did you learn self management in your life? Who teaches whether the drugs or alcohol or dishonesty or junk food is good or bad?What causes a civil servant to become corrupt or inefficient or supporter of bad governance?Do the political leaders need any skill to perform their roles and responsibilities? If yes, then should there be institutes to train the aspiring and elected political leaders? People pay for private schools or colleges and also private hospitals and health insurance company for better education and healthcare. Can the same people donate and raise a central fund to build better public educational institutes and public healthcare? Do you believe in gender equality? Are you a boy or girl or white or black or brown in skin color by your choice? Are you tall or small or beautiful or ugly by your choice? If it is not in your control, then should you take credit or blame for the same?If you could not study during your early age, then should you get a chance to study later in your life? Should there be any age limit for education? What will happen if people accept corruption as normal?Why does a person suicide? Yes, there might be 100 reasons, but every person having the same reasons does not suicide. Is suicide preventable?Is patriotism good for humanity? People in the past have killed many people in the name of patriotism.What is important for humans to live happily and safely? Money or life philosophy or food or respect or the survival of the fittest?Although things might not take quantum leap overnight, but the journey should begin. People hesitate to take steps when the change required is huge. But somewhere it has to start. There are lot more things to discuss. This book covers major social issues and solutions in detail.
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