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Do you want to discover your true self? Do you want increased Health, Wealth & Love? Can you benefit from increased spiritual connection? In this book you will discover all these life-changing abilities. You will discover how to listen to the universe whispers specifically to you. You will uncover life’s secrets messages. You will unwrap the treasures in store. You will learn to celebrate with joy and gratitude proper.  The way you think, behave and operate determines how you vibrate. How you interact in the world around you determines what you achieve. ‘The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man!’ “… resonance—another word for synchronized vibrations—is at the heart of not only human consciousness but of physical reality”  – Scientific American (A Division Of Springer Nature America, Inc.) Julia Meadows has a key focus on the philosophy of mind and is a life coaching professional at This is her first of many books due for release. She has coached numerous clients in the art awareness and of raising their vibrations for success. You will discover a step-by-step plan to: The Good Vibes & bad Vibes Frequencies: Negative People & Drama Resolving Your Shadow Self Changing Habits Steps To raising Your Vibration How To Declutter your Home & Mind Living Peaceful & Stress Free Living “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”  ― Confucius Scroll up and Add to Cart Now! Vibrate Higher.
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