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Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds By Huma Abedin is a beautifully written and propulsive memoir, describing the rise of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s famously private top aide and longtime adviser, from the wings of American political history. It’s a story of family, legacy, identity, faith, marriage, and motherhood with wisdom and sophistication. The book continues through the early days of Huma Abedin in Clinton administration. This book opens up the heartbreaking story of Abedin’s marriage to Anthony Weiner, how much she wanted to believe in him, the devastation wrought by his betrayals. This timeless story of a young woman with aspirations is an inspiration to people of all ages. Thisbook, Summary of Both/And: A Life in Many Worlds By Huma Abedin is an unofficial summary and analysis of the original which includes: Book Summary Overview Chapter by Chapter Analysis Background Information about the book Background information about the author Trivia questions, Discussion questions And much more… Why you must read, the Book Tigers Summary and Analysis books: Provides you accurate, precise, and insightful information with the best quality Summary and Analysis books. Team of professional native-English writers and editors committed to providing you with the best reading experience. Includes Bonus material to keep your mind at the top! This is not intended to replace the original book, but to serve as a companion to it and provide you with an excellent reading experience. The "Summary and Analysis" collection by Book Tigers Publishing is the perfect way to take advantage of some of the best-selling books available, whilst saving time. Each summary and Analysis contains carefully selected the most important information that will help you understand the basic ideas and expand your knowledge quickly. Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now! Disclaimer: This is an UNOFFICIAL summary and analysis, not the original book. It is designed to record all the key points of the original and will provide you with an overview before or after reading the original.
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