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The 5-Minute Guide To Turning Your Business Idea Into A Success is for new entrepreneurs who have an idea for what they want to do/create/offer, but are not sure where to start. This guide aims to provide some quick guidance and reference points for these entrepreneurs to get a better idea of where to start, and what steps they should take to move their idea forward. This book, the second in the acclaimed "Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success” series,  covers in a short and easy to understand way, such topics as: ✔️  Ideation ✔️  Finding & Filling A Need ✔️  Turning Your Idea Into A Business ✔️  Validating Your Business ✔️  Creating Your Prototype/Mockup ✔️  Securing Funding ✔️  Introducing Your Product/Service To The World ✔️  Essential Resources You'll Need For Your Entrepreneurial Journey ⚜️  About The Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success Series  ⚜️ Roman Alexander Wellington decided to launch a series of beginner-focused, “short reads” style books, focused on the most essential areas of success that could be read quickly and referred back too often by new entrepreneurs. "Wellington's 5-Minute Guides For Success" Cover Topics Including: Entrepreneurship Mindset Leadership Business Branding & Personal Branding Content Marketing Digital Marketing While Mr. Wellington’s full-length books focus more in-depth on each subject area, the 5-Minute Guides are intended to provide beginner-friendly tips, strategies, explanations, and reference points. These guides are for readers who are looking for more information on one of the covered topic areas, but don’t have several hours to sit and read a full-length book on it. He hoped this “short read” style would help him reach readers just starting their entrepreneurial journey who may be interested in building businesses or brands of their own, and we’re looking for a simple way to start learning what was required. The books within the “Wellington’s 5-Minute Guides For Success” series are not intended to provide in-depth coverage of each topic, nor are they for readers with extensive previous experience (although they could certainly be helpful refreshers). They are intended to help a beginner understand the basics, and help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid getting “information overload”. By providing shorter, less complex, and more easily digestible information, Mr. Wellington hoped that it would be enough to spark the interest of his readers, encourage them to learn more, and provide the initial knowledge needed for them to take their first steps in their entrepreneurial journey. ⚜️ About The Author: Roman Alexander Wellington ⚜️ Roman Alexander Wellington is an American business magnate who has founded nine companies, comprising dozens of brands, and has 20-years of experience in Digital Marketing, Public Relations, and Corporate Branding. He is a second-generation public relations specialist, is ranked as one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Consultants in the USA, has founded three award-winning Marketing and Public Relations firms, and is a Best-Selling Author who has written 20+ books on the subjects of Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Branding, and Digital Marketing.
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