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"The book is the perfect guide to cut every type of material and this creative art can inspire ideas for home décor, parties, cards, gifts, and scrapbook layouts."--5 Stars, Readers' Favorite You’ve got the Cricut, vision... and questions. Congratulations! It looks like you’re interested in the fantastic artform known as Cricuting. Step number one is complete. Your first project may feel daunting, but—fear not—this comprehensive course contains everything you’ll need to know as a novice. With wit and charm, author Freya Gates explores the world of possibility established by Cricut’s proprietary printing technology. Designers, crafters, and artists will find that bringing forth creative concepts has never been so easy—or fun! Don’t wait to get started. Dive in today. Your new favorite hobby awaits. You’ll soon discover: How to set up Your Cricut toolkit’s applications Mediums Accessories The cutting basics—and beyond A host of tips Tutorials AND... Where to go from here! An artist is only as good as their tools? That isn’t quite correct, of course. An artist is only as good as their knowledge of how to USE the tools they have. It’s time to level up!
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