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JFK and 11110. What does that tell you? If you're of an enquiring mind concerning the JFK assassination, and you're an avid reader of JFK assassination Kindle books, you'll know that a few months before he was gunned down in Dallas, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110.But wait a minute! There are many other factors to consider. A lot of people wanted Kennedy to die, and for many different reasons. Perhaps chief among them was the Vice-President, Lyndon Johnson. On the face of it, LBJ gained more from the Kennedy assassination than most. He's the one that stepped into JFK's shoes as President for the next five years.Even that doesn't mean that LBJ killed Kennedy, necessarily. It's doubtful he had the organisational ability. So that means others were involved as well. People who could secretly muster the resources needed, and get the likes of the CIA, the FBI, the mafia, the anti-Castro bloc, and others who undoubtedly played a part, on board and properly co-ordinated together. And then, when it went wrong, set up a phoney Commission to produce a Whitewash report blaming it all on a "lone gunman" who, conveniently, was himself assassinated just two days later.Whether you believe that Oswald acted alone, or that LBJ killed JFK, or that some other narrative gives the true explanation, this book is for you.Here's what readers have been saying about this book:"I have read so many stories about JFK. This is one book that has more truth to it than any of the others.""Very informative and interesting. Well researched, book asks the right question: who benefits from the killing and what happened because of it.""Liked everything about this book seems true they really covered it up.""I fear this is quite likely to be a soberingly correct analysis.""A straight to the point and interesting read.""First book I have read which concentrated on the why and how and most importantly the who.""Very well written , Plus allot (sic) of the questions that have never been answered are answered truthfully. I advise anybody who is interested in this case to read."This book contains some vital information that is difficult or impossible to find elsewhere, even online.What I have done with this book is to ask the right questions. I know it's interesting to speculate on the number of shots that were fired, or whether it was Oswald alone who fired them or, as most serious researchers now believe, a team of marksmen. But that's really going down a blind alley. We'll probably never know for certain. Does that really matter? I say it matters less than finding out WHO gave the orders to go ahead with the murder, and WHY they did it.As to the "WHY", let's simply look at the evidence. What happened after JFK's murder that probably wouldn't have happened if he had remained alive and in the White House? Well, let's see. We had (among other things)* the disastrous Vietnam War,* the equally disastrous 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act,* the ominous growth of the CIA,* the divisive anti-war movement (not necessarily bad in itself, but it shouldn't have been necessary),* the slow-motion breakdown of law and order and ultimately the whole country,* and the spiraling drugs problem that has plagued the US and most other Western countries ever since.Something's going on here. It's not good for the US. And it's not good for people who value their constitutional and natural freedoms, and oppose tyranny. Wherever they live in the world.Just as vital is the question of what didn't happen that otherwise probably would have. Were JFK and his brother, RFK, planning major changes that would benefit the US people? Let's just look at the evidence and see what the clues tell us....
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