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Here are 500 Fun and Fresh Cryptogram puzzles that are guaranteed to Challenge you AND Entertain! In 18 Point Large Font so they are Easy on the Eyes. Relax and keep your mind active! Each of these 500 cryptograms is a quote that has been encrypted using a basic letter substitution code. For those who are not already familiar with how to solve this type of puzzle we have some Basic Tips for Solving Cryptograms The “HINTS” section that follows the cryptograms offers one clue for puzzle. Solutions are found in the back of the book. Crypto-Quotes in the following categories: All About the Movies Athletes and Coaches Writers Funny Quotes from Anonymous Humorists and Comedians World Leaders and Historical Figures Inspiring and Motivational None of the quotes have been used more than once. Enjoys hours of brain challenging entertainment and keep your mind young! "Miranda Powells puzzle books never disapoint. She is a craftsmen and takes great care with every book she does. Thank you!" - Marlene H. Scroll Up and Click “Add to Cart” Now!
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