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Do you want to know why Internet titans such as Facebook are rebranding as Metaverse platforms? Or what augmented reality, gaming, NFTs, blockchain technology, and virtual real estate have to do with the Metaverse? If so, you need to keep reading… You’ve probably heard of Beeple’s $69 million NFT sale and Ariana Grande’s virtual concert in the video game Fortnite. You might be wondering why there is so much hype around the Metaverse? And more importantly, what is the Metaverse, and how can you generate life-changing wealth for yourself and your family? In The Blockchain Metaverse, you will discover: What the Metaverse actually is and the history behind this phenomenon The traditional Metaverse vs. the blockchain Metaverse Virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in the Metaverse What NFTs are and how they are used in the Metaverse Metaverse games and how players are generating passive income Why investors are purchasing virtual real estate in the Metaverse The future state of the blockchain Metaverse and how you can invest in it now …and so much more! Most people will tell you that the Metaverse is just a fad and that it will go away. But, in this book, you will understand that this statement is simply false. In fact, we are still so early. If you could turn back the dial to the late 90s and invest in the Internet… would you? Internet titans such as Amazon, Google, and Meta have taken investors by storm. And now is the perfect opportunity for smaller investors to front-run slow-moving hedge funds and institutions by investing in the next Internet, the Blockchain Metaverse. So, if you are ready to take one more step toward understanding the next generation's largest technological advancement and unlocking financial freedom for yourself, then buy this book now!
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