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The Closer by K.C. Crowne

I never saw her coming… She appeared in my world an enigma. A lethal assassin who slips poison into the veins of her targets. And a single mother with a softness beneath her armor. Now, she's trapped within my reach. Stubbornly silent, she guards her secrets fiercely, Her dual life is a puzzle I'm determined to solve. I will uncover the layers of this mysterious woman… Whether through the intensity of my touch Or the sternness of my command. This is Roman Nicolaevich's story and a fully standalone romance. Enter the gripping realm of the Nicolaevich Bratva Brothers, where power and passion rule. In this Amazon Top 100 dark romance suspense series, four billionaire brothers dominate both their empire and the hearts of their women. The Nicolaevich and Antonov brothers share the same world.
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