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Overdelivering is not a victimless crime. It's been known to drain the life out of well-meaning coaches and service providers until the joy and cash run out and the desperation and regret rush in. What's a heart-centered do-gooder to do? "The Coach Who Would Not Sell" is not your typical sales book - it's part cautionary tale, part fable, and part step-by-step guidebook to emerging from the traps solopreneurs and small business owners fall into when marketing and selling their programs and packages. Follow Annie P. Ruggles, founder of The Non-Sleazy Sales Academy and host of Too Legitimate to Quit, as she coaches the fictional Weaver Manning through the disastrous, brutal final days of her coaching career. Will it be over before it really truly begins? Find out and then do the included homework, brainstorming questions, and ethical, enjoyable selling strategies yourself to avoid a similar fate! In order to thrive as a coach, you must learn to give and receive simultaneously - and that requires a lot of asking. If "the big ask" leaves you feeling confused, dirty, overwhelmed, panicky, or like you're becoming someone you don't know - this mini-book will set things straight. "If sales is sucking your joy, this insightful, witty, actionable and handy-to-read guide might do the impossible: turn sales into something fun, exciting...and dare I say, joy-full!" - Dr. Erin M. Baker, author of Joy-Full AF: The Essential Business Strategy We're Afraid To Put First "The unique approach lets individuals struggling to grow their businesses build confidence at the pace they need. Take a ride and unlock what’s holding you and your business back." - Tina Muheim, Restorative Coach & Founder Wrangler "A short book that packs a sucker punch - a roadmap to the promised land of selling without the sleaze." - Diann Wingert, host of The Driven Woman podcast
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