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He was born into a rare demon-hunting lineage... BOOK 1 All his life, Max Damiano has trained with his family and waited for his arcane talent to awaken. On the morning of his fourteenth birthday, his wish is granted: he is a telekinetic. Now he can fully take part in the family’s Work of keeping the world safe from demons, remnants of a long-gone universe, the Qlippoth, whose very existence is inimical to our world’s reality. His first assignment? To investigate the disappearance of a dozen children in the New York City area. In the center of the disappearances is the New York Under Market, a market for the arcane community run by the transglobal Underwood Corporation. Concerned that their Market is at the center of these alarming disappearances, the Underwood Corporation hires Max and two of his siblings, Tom and Sadie, to investigate. Will they be able to catch the demonic malefactor in time? One thing is for sure, it will not go quietly. BOOK 2 After a new demon terrorizes New York—draining its victims of blood and leaving ice running through their veins—Max sees his chance. Thrown headfirst into a deadly race against time, he must track down the elusive creature and end its reign of terror. But none of Max’s family has ever fought a demon like this before. As they struggle to untangle the mystery surrounding the demon, it soon becomes clear that this is far from an ordinary job—and Max will need to use all of his arcane talents if he wants to escape this hunt alive. BOOK 3 After an unusual client sends Max deep into the underbelly of New York on the hunt for an extremely rare demon, he finds himself visiting the shady Under Market yet again to enlist help from an unexpected source. When his oldest sister is kidnapped, Max finds himself racing against time to save her. But tracking down the Harbinger will be no easy task – and after he falls into her sights, it soon becomes difficult to tell which one of them is the hunter… and which one is the hunted.
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