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The Female Breeders by Melanie Bokstad Horev


" (...)The author outdid herself with this novel which is both entertaining and thought-provoking." - Readers' Favorite ★★★★★

In the near-future dystopian society of EVE, women control the world.

Young brilliant scientist Neen Salvek of Clan Triverser is assigned to screen imprisoned males of the Dome, to assess their mental and emotional fitness before breeding season. Her task is crucial in order to protect the breeding women, and continue the development of their genetic enhancements. As she embarks on her mission she finds more than she bargained for – a system of brutal mutilation and slavery that condemns any male who doesn't make the cut in the breeding competition to death.

This fate awaits Tem - a male from the super-strong, super-fast Clan Benglion - if he can't stand his ground and fight in the competition. As Neen helps Tem overcome his childhood trauma, she unravels a deeper conspiracy that threatens the very existence of EVE. Now she must face a choice: to go against everything she believes or accept the dawn of a new world.

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