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Trapped by Sally Bryan

She wanted to hate her... But fate has different plans. When Jessica loses her place in the volleyball squad to the beautiful Katelyn, the same girl who recently stole her boyfriend, she withdraws into her shell in an effort to protect her sanity. Only, destiny insists on bringing the two fierce rivals closer together. Jessica is mortified when on the team ski trip to Italy, a cruel joke forces them to share a cabin. The wounds are still raw. Just as tensions are about to overheat, disaster strikes in the form of an avalanche, trapping the girls inside. Can they work together to overcome the many obstacles nature has thrown at them? Will rescue ever come? Can they survive? The close confines of their prison fills Jessica with doubt. Could she really be developing strong feelings not only for a woman, but one she hates more than anyone else in the world? And can they forget their grudges long enough to maybe, just maybe fall in love? You’ll adore this best-selling steamy lesbian romance because everyone loves an Italian adventure with a twist. Get it now.
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