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Want to discover the historical conflict between Ukraine & Russia? Then keep reading… To the shock and disbelief of the world, in Feb 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine. But what has been the historical basis for this invasion? What connects these two countries? What is Putin's rationale? In this engaging read, you will discover the following: The real history of conflict between Ukraine & Russia Analysis of disputed regions, agreements, wars and more! The truth behind the alliances, nuclear plans, regional dismemberment In this unbiased research, we expose myths, shed light on fair arguments and help support healthy debate. You will also get educated about: Russian nationalism & imperialism Anti-zionism and anti-semitism Crime, Violence and Oligarchs Human Rights and War Crimes Ukrainian national identity Putin, background, motives and War This is a must-read for anyone in the modern age looking to get educated on the Russian & Ukraine war in 2022. The book is also for older kids and teenagers to help them understand what is happening in the world today. Get this Ukraine & Russia History of Conflict - Book Now!
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