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An apocalyptic game of cat and mouse... BOOK 1 I have a good life in New York City, apart from the recurring nightmares. That, and my father’s mysterious disappearance years ago. And in a blinding instant, that life is stolen from me. A wayward genius has discovered a powerful grimoire that grants full control over demons, and has begun his warpath towards total annihilation. With my newly-endowed ability to envisage future events, I’m the only one who can stop him. Stuck with my brother and a supernatural bounty hunter seeking vengeance, I now need to prevent a nightmarish catastrophe from being unleashed. It won’t be easy to stop these diabolic entities emerging from the darkness. Let the survival games begin. BOOK 2 Entering a gateway into the demon’s homeworld from a burnt-out restaurant, we are brought face-to-face with the terrible things lurking just beyond humanity. Still reeling from the discovery of my father’s secretive work, I must make sense of her budding visions of the future—and what he was really working on before he disappeared. Something is changing in the demon realm. A new king has risen to the throne… and it is a familiar face. The bloodthirsty demonic forces are being readied for an invasion of epic proportions, and the infamous Horseman of Famine is right at the epicenter of it. A host of dark artifacts hold the key to turning the tide of battle, but they start to behave more strangely the deeper Freya descends into the abyss. I’m not sure what awaits us there, but I do know I need to stop the monstrosities before they make their way to New York City. If that happens, we may will be overrun to the point of extinction. BOOK 3 Fighting to stop the demon invasion of Earth, we are facing the impossible task of averting the apocalypse. The hellish Horsemen lead the charge, leaving a trail of unimaginable destruction in their wake. Tensions are rising, and with the demons running rampant, our only hope lies in a mysterious artifact with the power to turn the tide of battle. Finding it will be no easy task… and time is running out. We are humanity’s last stand. We have to stop the Red King’s march of fire and death.
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