When Two Worlds Collide by Joan B Pritchard


These stories will grab your attention until the end of each tale. The characters may be different, but at some point, their lives cross into a parallel world.

The twists and turns of fate guide the reader into a world of ghosts and goblins, where murderers lie in wait for the unsuspecting.    You'll never know what's to come, and that's just how the author likes it.

There's coach trippers, who die one by one - by why and by whose hand?

A killer strikes at a Harry Potter exhibition in Oxford: Druids challenge Druids, and the Green Man himself appears in their midst: a group of friends die in horrific circumstances, and a toy figure is always found lying by the victim - perhaps the names Scarlet, Mustard, Plum seem familiar: a ventriloquist's dummy is not at all what he seems and a dead and buried girl just won't die, until she catches her murderer.

Of course, there's normal people too, who bring humour and pathos into the tales - well, there'd have to be, wouldn't there, or you'd never believe what you're reading or hearing!   It's all part of the magic of mystery - and you're the magician, who gets to unlocks it.

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