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Do you like having freshly baked cookies, scones or muffins for breakfast? Or indulge yourself with a creamy rich moist cake with a cup of coffee or tea? How the house smells when you're baking and all family and friends gather together? But, probably, you are like me: you hate spending long hours baking. Here we are - in this baking magic cook book I collected 131 easy recipes that are baked in less than 1 hour! Some of them are even quicker than 30 min! I am no Michelin start chef or fancy foodie, but I am a big sweet tooth and always busy young woman, rarely having time for cooking or baking. For those like me, sometimes lazy or unexperienced, but loving baked goods, this recipes collection include: Glimpse at baking recipes in this book: Few easy pies, both sweet and savory Simple bread making recipes with no long hours of waiting until the dough rises 4 pastry recipes 7 pizza recipes with The best pizza dough recipe Dozens of muffins recipes 20+ Cupcakes recipes 50+ Delicious cookies recipes Few ideas for baked breakfast or lunch, And even simple casseroles and baked meat! You will be surprised how many things we can do with the oven, and do it quickly! Yet, I am also a beginner and I know how it is important to understand what you are doing. So I added useful basics in my book: How to read oven signs How to double or cut in half ingredients Common baking problems and what to do List of baking supplies with pictures How to convert F to C and many more :) Bon appetit!
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