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In A GPS for Bariatric Success, you will discover:


       The most effective weight-loss strategy you should adopt, even if you decide not to get surgery

       How doing this breathing routine everyday can help improve your chances of long-term weight loss success

       The 3 hormones you should know about when it comes to keeping the weight off

       How doctors determine if you qualify for weight-loss surgery, and which type of procedure is right for you

       The “deadly” ingredient that’s found in 68% of barcoded foods in America, and why you should avoid this at all costs if you want to slim down

       Why weight-loss surgery may actually be cheaper than trying to lose weight on your own

       6 ways to manage your stress — do this to stop your weight from creeping back up

       Why dieting doesn’t actually work for weight loss — try this “spiritual” approach instead

       The one habit you need to change before you even consider getting bariatric surgery


And much more.

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