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A puzzling disappearance, a suspicious news blog, and the media circling in like vultures…When the wife of a wealthy businessman appeals to private eye Jasmine Moore for help, she assumes it’s just another harmless missing persons case. But her ordinary investigation soon spirals into something much more sinister – and as the news companies start arriving, Jasmine quickly realizes that this disappearance goes much deeper than she’d ever imagined…When murder is on the cards, the local authorities step in. Teaming up with the sheriff department’s newest white-hat hacker, Jasmine and her faithful companion Luffy must investigate a popular news blog that just keeps cropping up. As they sift through a host of suspicious characters to unravel the truth… and as another victim goes missing, Jasmine must act fast before her investigation ends in disaster.Time is running out, and all eyes are on her. Can Jasmine decipher the truth behind Blackwood Cove’s latest perplexing case, or will she embarrass herself in front of a national audience?
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