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From your Favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Ruth Bawell...comes this wonderful Summer Amish Story... Abby Lehman has agreed to accompany her Aunt Sarah on a camping trip, although she is not quite sure about her mamm’s matchmaking plans. Sarah was widowed young, and Abby’s mother is determined to help her sister find happiness again. So this summer, Abby is on her way to Sweet Haven Campgrounds. The camp is owned by a handsome young widower, Joel Beiler, who is sure to be a perfect match for Sarah. Sweet Haven is a lovely place, and Abby realizes she is quite glad she agreed to her mother’s loving scheme. But while Abby helps play matchmaker for her Aunt, she also becomes aware of another spark that is starting to flicker—her feelings for Jared Beiler, Joel Bieler’s son. And as the entire camp seems set on finding love for Sarah, Abby is a bit surprised to realize love is finding her as well.
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