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At The Edge of No Return by Dj Adamson

Psychological Thriller      Dark and Disturbing Choices Paranormal UncertaintiesAt the Edge of No Return, psychological thriller, brings four characters to the edge of falling toward darkness or light. Has Elvis Colt, a serial killer, rolled the dice too many times; the Reverend William Meeks lost any chance for salvation; Jack Goodman, forever stuck at Horizon’s End; and behavior psychologist Dr. Georgia Jeningson made a fatal decision when trying to right a wrong which she can never take back?At the Edge of No Return offers more than just another story of murder, vengeance, and love lost. The novel explores what can take all of us to the edge.2018 Mystery and Mayhem Award Winner, D. J. Adamson wins again with this novel, taking the reader into the darker side of humanity by observing the consequences created by choices. It’s a twisted ride that will keep the reader thinking beyond the book and with the hope Adamson will have a sequel to this novel soon.“…tension built slowly throughout the story leading to an exciting ending.”
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