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The tale must be told.  The Tree of Life—the source of Elijah’s power—is failing. His friends are gone--they've moved on with their lives. Creatures from Samhuinn are breaking through the veil and terrorizing St. Louis. Will Elijah be able to stop the incursions before his powers fade completely? Or, will he lose control of both realms as the Morrigan spreads her blight across the garden groves and into Earth itself?  Bard's Tale is the second book in a coming of age modern fantasy that features a thrilling journey into the world of Celtic mythology, shocking plot twists, compelling characters, and an unlikely hero. With an enthralling magical romance, a compelling fantasy adventure, and a magical journey into the world of Celtic myth (including an encounter with a famous wizard), Monroe’s Druid Legacy is an Arthurian modern fantasy that has something for everyone.
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