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Do you ever wonder what makes a person fearless?

What allows someone to have such a zest for life even when things appear to be crashing down around them?

How does a person put their best foot forward, even after constant setbacks?

What really makes a person BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT?

This book offers 12 colourful and life-enhancing lessons to help you live a meaningful life through an acceptance of self, a willingness to change and a new perception of failure, weakness, and challenge that will make you an unwavering and robust human being.

A guide to a complete mindset shift from a nervous-wreck come life coach.

After reading BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT you will help you:

  • Understand what makes you tick and transform yourself into a self-assured powerhouse: decisive, assertive, unstoppable and free from self-doubt.
  • Tackle the hard emotional graft that many try to avoid but where true improvement and progress is made.
  • Build the resilience to push on through the pain and struggle that causes you heartache. (Pain hurts... Struggle sucks... it's time to make them work in your favour)
  • Cultivate the mental strength to push back against challenges and use them as an opportunity for you to grow. (You will learn to love challenge - it's your greatest friend and ally)

BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT is a motivational self-improvement guide helping you take control of your life from the inside, out.

For many the goal is happiness but this is a vague goal at best.

Understanding exactly who we are and altering our outlook on pain and struggle is the only sure way to build a life of content and emotional freedom.

It's time to become mentally and emotionally stronger human beings.

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