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Caroline needs a hero. She came to the small town of Harbor's Head to escape her abusive ex-husband and start her life over. But money’s tight, she has no friends, and most of her family have cut ties with her. And then, there's Julian, her new colleague. Drop-dead gorgeous but a notorious ladies’ man who won't quit trying to smooth-talk his way into her pants. No thanks, she’s finished with men for now. Until Halloween brings her the superhero of her dreams. Julian's never met a woman he couldn't conquer...until Caroline walks into his office. The shy but determined beauty blows him away, but his usual methods aren't doing the trick. Then, he gets a second chance at the company’s Halloween party when she doesn't realize that it's him behind the superhero mask. Messaging back and forth after the party, not only does he become her friend and confidante, she becomes his. But what will happen when they meet again, and she finds out who she’s fallen for? Everything changes for Caroline when her dangerous ex reappears, making demands she’s afraid to refuse. Julian may not be the hero she wants...but he might just be the hero she needs.
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