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Three sweet romances with a touch of magical realism.The Tick-Tock Between You and MeDarby thought she had love all figured out until she heard the tick-tock of a clock.Darby Elliott thinks she’s in love with her long-distance boyfriend until he arrives on her doorstep. Now, she’s not so sure about him or how to get her car and money back. Which is embarrassing, because she’s a hot-shot accountant and money isn’t supposed to slip through her fingers... or into her boyfriend’s wallet.Chad George and his girlfriend, Jessica have been together since they were kids. The trouble is, Jessica thinks Chad should convert his grandfather’s dying horse ranch into a cosmetic surgery recovery spa, and Chad thinks his grandfather should maintain the ranch as he wishes.When Chad’s grandfather hires Darby, she discovers the ranch is full of untapped potential and hidden treasures including a clock that only seems to tick when she and Chad are together. Does the clock have a hidden message? Can Darby and Chad save the ranch before time runs out?Dreaming of You and MeWhen you find the man of your dreams…Nora Tomas’s search for her birth mother brings her to Canterbury Academy. Getting a job is easy. Confiding in the school’s owner, Irena Rowlings, is not. Once Nora meets Irena’s son, Cole, the decision to confide in Irena becomes even more complicated. Cole is literally the man of Nora’s nightly dreams, but dating him could bring disaster. She struggles to remain friendly yet distant until she can uncover the mystery of her birth.Cole is drawn to Nora even though he’s certain she harbors secrets. What he fails to understand is how those secrets will change his world, for better or for worse.The Music of You and MeBecause of a medical condition, Tara believes she’ll never have a family of her own.Travis has other plans.Despite her musical abilities, Tara intends to live a sheltered life. Her goal--to become an online tutor where her interaction with the rest of the world is minimal and highly controlled.Travis is a single father with a thriving veterinarian practice. He thinks he has everything he could ever want, and more than he can handle until he meets Tara. He suspects she harbors secret pain, but as a doctor, he considers himself a healer. But will he be the one who ends up getting hurt?Poignant, witty, and sweet, this novella proves that love can be perfect even when situations are not ideal, and it only takes one person to pull you out of a self-imposed prison of doubt and fear.Praise for Tick-tock Between You and Me, the first book in the Canterbury Series.If you’re looking for a sweet read that has family as the heart of the story, then you will enjoy this sweet read. Darby meets Benjamin in London and thinks she will marry him. While waiting at the airport, Darby has coffee spilled on her by Chad. She thinks she’ll never see him again, but fate has other plans. No spoilers, but this book will have you laughing and smiling many times. I can’t wait to read Nora and Cole’s story.*This story was filled with characters I would enjoy knowing. It was also filled with a quirky loving extended family on one side and loving sister, grandfather, mean step mother, and a father on the other. All of this and a happily ever after ending.*The clock was old and packed away in a box, it had not been used for ninety years but it began working with it tick-tock sound every time a certain couple started kissing. How romantic can you get? The characters are so warm and special in this book you will enjoy everything about the end. Happy to recommend this book.*This is a love story, but I enjoyed the strong family love that both Darby and Chad expressed. It is really funny at times more sentimental others. A fun summer read.
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