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So learning how to cook, be healthy, and focused in College? College is exciting for the students, but can be worrisome for the parents... and perhaps a relief to get them out of the house. Nonetheless, every parent wants to make sure their child is both secure and healthy as well as focused on working on their bright future. It's obvious that your child needs to grow up and take care of themselves and it's also obvious you can't be dropping meals off at the dorm room every day. But this doesn't mean you stop caring! So, what do you do about it? Well, I have the book for you, in this fun themed book we want to expose you or your child to recipes that can give them a blend of the following: American Classics as Comfort Food Foods from Around the World to Show Off to their New Friends Healthy Options we Know Parents Would Be Proud Of! Romantic Dinners for 2, Let Them Treat their New Potential Future Partners right! Dorm Room Sharing Platters, Hangover Platters All on a Budget Aswell as Specifically Chose Recipes Designed to Teach your Kids New Cooking Skills With Over 80 recipes I know your new star student is going to not only enjoy this book, but this book can help them THRIVE in college. With attention to macro and micronutrients to help fuel their mind on their journey You can't stop them from making mistakes, but hopefully, you can guide them to recovering from them on a proper diet. Their bags are packed! With wet eyes, send them off with a little more confidence.
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